Feline-peaceful sachet with Valerian
Feline-peaceful sachet with Valerian
Feline-peaceful sachet with Valerian

Feline-peaceful sachet with Valerian

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What exactly is it?

A 100% natural way to please your feline companion thanks to the calming and euphoric effect of valerian root!

Aimed at all cats whatever their environment. Valerian will be all the more valuable for an anxious cat , or to help your four-legged friend overcome stress (moving, arrival of a new companion, etc.) but concretely, all cats have the right to their moment of cuddly relaxation with valerian.

These sachets contain only valerian roots, harvested with respect and conscience in Ariège . I did not seal the bag, because if necessary you can clean it in the machine (you will then have to remove the root first!)

The sachet can be stored away from humidity, and the effectiveness of the root is optimal for one year (until winter 2023). Optimal does not mean that it will be completely ineffective, it will just gradually lose its strong smell.

You will also receive a sheet which summarizes the practical information on these sachets!

Regarding the color of the bell: You can tell me the color you want when the bag is in your basket. In fact, you can leave me a note in the “Add a note to your order” box when you go to your basket. Otherwise, I'll choose at random for your kitty!

How to use it ?

Gently rub the root in the sachet to release the odors... You will quickly notice the effects! The ideal is to let your kitty play with it for around thirty minutes per week (to prevent the habit from setting in, like with catnip!)

Once the game is over, keep your bag safe from any four-legged burglar who might be tempted to go get it himself whenever he wants.

If you have several cats at home, don't hesitate to separate them in the presence of the bag to avoid any fights (I haven't had this happen, but you never know!)

Note: Your cat may not care for valerian! Much like catnip, some felines aren't particularly receptive to it. After testing on quite a few cats around me, the result is 1 in 10 cats who are not receptive. If this is the case with yours, and you have no other twink to offer it to, I will accept a return of your bag and I will reimburse you (do not hesitate to contact me in this case)

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