Menstrual Pain Massage Oil
Menstrual Pain Massage Oil
Menstrual Pain Massage Oil
Menstrual Pain Massage Oil

Menstrual Pain Massage Oil

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Painful period massage oil

To naturally soothe

Through my research, I chose 4 plants with soothing properties specially recommended to relieve menstrual pain in the form of a lower abdomen massage. Because yes, as much as some plants are excellent in herbal tea, others are for external use!

These massage oils are 50ml and do not contain any essential oils, only the natural benefits of plants. The solarized maceration lasted 21 days.

Full list of ingredients and properties:

Macerate of fresh plants from Ariège from my garden:

  • Sage, Mugwort, Absinthe
  • St. John's wort macerate previously made by me

Vegetable oils (organic):

  • Olive oil - Softening, soothing, healing, moisturizing
  • Sunflower Oil - Moisturizing, ideal for making solarized macerates


Use ?
♡ Thanks to the dropper system, application to the lower abdomen or painful area is simple . Then simply massage gently on the skin to allow the oil to penetrate, as many times as you feel the need.
Storage time?
♡ I added vitamin E (naturally extracted from sunflower without chemicals), which ensures your oil will last for at least 9 months!

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