Balm of the Eternals
Balm of the Eternals
Balm of the Eternals
Balm of the Eternals

Balm of the Eternals

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Designed especially for mature and fragile skin, thanks to the synergy of 4 essential oils and 4 oils with regenerating and toning properties. Beeswax completes the work of hydration and softness...

These balms are 50ml and are in reusable tinted glass jars for better conservation.

Full list of ingredients and properties:

Vegetable oils (organic):

  • Apricot kernel oil - Nourishing and absorbed directly into the skin
  • Shea butter - Moisturizing, healing, soothing
  • Ariège beeswax - Softening, healing, anti-inflammatory
  • Jojoba - Firming, nourishing and restorative
  • Argan - Antioxidant, hydrates without weighing down the skin, youth serum

Essential oils (organic):

  • Rose geranium, Cistus, Carrot, Ylang ylang. All of these essential oils are beneficial for mature and/or fragile skin.
Storage time?
♡ I added vitamin E, which ensures your balm will last for at least 6 months!

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