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Green Witch Sticker
Green Witch Sticker
Green Witch Sticker

Green Witch Sticker

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✦ Illustration created by me 🌙

✦ These stickers measure 18 x 7 cm on kraft sticker paper , preferably for indoor use (varnish layer only)

✦ Shipping is provided by tracked post

✦ Colors may vary slightly due to photography and/or monitor settings!

Regarding this Green Witch illustration:

I have included some symbolisms which are for me characteristic of the practice of green magic, of which Ostara is in my eyes the sabbath par excellence, with the rebirth of nature - First of all, the place of the character, between the sky and earth, because working with plants requires also being interested in meteorological influences, as well as that of the moon.
Roots start from his feet, because in green magic, the connection to the earth must be an important part of working with nature.
You will also have noticed 8 stars, the 8 being the number of infinity, like the renewal of the natural cycle.
The lantern represents knowledge, which accompanies us but also guides us through our magical practice.
Then the snake, symbol of medicine but also, in my humble opinion, of herbalism. You will also have seen the two bees, essential for plants.
In the space of the sky, I wanted to include a somewhat particular element, I named the constellation of Ophiuchus, which symbolizes Asclepius, great healer and son of Apollo who dared to bring the dead back to life. Zeus punished him by striking him with lightning, but recognizing his talents as a doctor, he granted him the honor of taking his place in the stars....

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