Planetary symbols and tattoos

If you particularly feel the influence of the moon or the planets, using their symbols in your tattoos can be used to bring a particular meaning, in synergy with your intentions that you wish to express in your project.

You can choose the planet that is linked to your astrological sign, or you can turn to the influence of another planet according to their characteristics.
The correspondences of the planets with the astrological signs are as follows:

Aries – Mars
Taurus – Venus
Gemini – Mercury
Cancer – Moon
Leo – Sun
Virgo – Mercury
Libra – Venus
Scorpio – Pluto
Sagittarius – Jupiter
Capricorn – Saturn
Aquarius – Uranus
Pisces – Neptune

Here are the meanings of the planets in a few key words:

Moon – adaptation, emotions, imagination. Particularly linked to the feminine and the family.
Sun – will, vitality, energy. Attached to the masculine.
Mars – initiative, will, courage.
Venus – love, harmony, values.
Pluto – regeneration, transformation, creativity and passion.
Neptune – spirituality, intuition, patience, psychic abilities.
Saturn – discipline, ambitions, wisdom.
Jupiter – prosperity, honesty, benevolence and wisdom.
Uranus – insight, independence.
Mercury – intelligence, relationships, communication.

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