The Oghams

The Oghams are symbols attached to letters, intentions and plants (trees, bushes, plants) created by the Druids to facilitate communication. There are 25 of them.

Beith – the birch
Carried on oneself to seek protection and bardic inspiration (it is defined as the tree of bards)
Engraved to help us separate ourselves from something or someone in order to take a new path.

Luis – the mountain ash
Discernment, control, and clear vision. protection against evil and psychic attacks.
Used in divination, to nourish one's psychic vision.
carried on oneself in the form of a healing sachet.

Fearn – alder
Foundation, strength and inner confidence, overcoming challenges.
Worn for spiritual strength, engraved to meet a challenge.

Saille – willow
Intuition, inspiration, confidence.
The tree of poets, magicians and witches
Carried on oneself in the search for knowledge and hidden things

Nuin – The ash tree
Rebirth, transformation, destiny .
Pillar of peace, attached to the number 5, this tree is very important in the Ogham alphabet. He inspires respect.
Carried on one's person for protection.

Huathe – hawthorn
Purification, protection, balance, luck .
Carried on one's person for protection.

Duir – oak
Strength, maturity, harmony
Guardian of mysteries, symbol of resistance, nobility and will.

Tinne – holly
Combat, justice, righteousness.
The holly king, representing winter, keeps its colors all year round and
Worn on oneself to protect against magical influences.

Coll – hazel
Knowledge, meditation, wisdom

Quert – the apple tree
Beauty, perfection, knowledge, strength.
The apple tree encourages us to look for beauty in all our actions. He is the tree of eternal life.
Worn for meditation and inspiration.

Muinn – the vine
Prophecy, instinct, fertility.
The vine awakens our instinct, so that it can be our guide to the celestial forces.
Carried on oneself for prosperity

Gort – the ivy
Inner development, tenacity
Ivy is a resistant plant, in perpetual search of light. It constitutes strength, tenacity, the search for one's true self.
Carried on oneself, brings tenacity.

Mgetal – the broom
Reharmonization, astral travel and cleansing.
Broom encourages us to break away from bad habits, to clear our path. It is part of the composition of witches' brooms.
Worn on oneself for inner harmony.

Straif – the blackthorn
Destiny, discord.
The blackthorn represents trials, and encourages us to find our strengths and opportunities in adversity.

Ruis – elderberry
Change, transformation.
Elderberry guides us through the inevitable changes that mark our lives. He invites us to leave behind what bothers us.
Carried on one's person for protection.

Ailm – the pine
Objectivity, enthusiasm, inner strength.
Pine motivates us to seek our inner strength. It encourages us to transform bad experiences and choices to nourish our deeper self.
Carried on oneself for health.

Onn – gorse
Collection, fulfillment.
Shrub of summer and sun. It nourishes, protects, and invites us to share our knowledge.
Carried on oneself for prosperity.

Ur – the heather
Passion, spiritual development, healing
It is the plant of dreams and intuition, which helps to find the door to passion in our life.

Edad – the poplar
Old age, memory, hope.
This tree is linked to the Other World, they are resistant and protective. Good advice, the poplar will be able to give you excellent advice
Carrying on ourselves to overcome our fears

Idad – the yew
Eternity, rebirth, transformation.
The yew is one of the 5 magical trees of ancient Ireland. It illustrates the cycle of life and death, and guides us through changes in our lives.
Carried on oneself for purification.

Ebhah – the aspen
Protection, calming, healing.
The aspen is used to communicate with the afterlife among the Celts, and serves for protection against the occult.
Worn for healing and protection against dark forces.

Oir – charcoal
Lightning, impulse, spiritual illumination.
Charcoal is associated with Taranis, the formidable lightning. It generates life through rain but also death through its devastating action. This is all his ambivalence.

Iphin – the gooseberry
Resistance in conflicts, combativeness, justice.
Among the Celts, the gooseberry is seen as benevolent and protective, but on the other hand it is considered a symbol of conflict, war and resistance. It seems that his goal is always to bring peace.
Carried on oneself for strength.

Uilleand – honeysuckle
Initiation, accomplishment.
Honeysuckle guides us towards spiritual elevation.
Carried on oneself for knowledge.

Emancholl – beech
Confidence, patience, vitality, serenity.
Beech acts on the fulfillment of wishes, brings joy, rebirth and develops self-confidence.
Worn to bring calm and serenity.

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