Illustrations available for Yule pre-orders!

Here are the 4 illustrations that I selected to offer to you during the Yule collection!
They will be available for pre-order only until December 4, 2022
This illustration has become a classic in my shop! This pentacle is closed by a branch of sage, one of lavender, hawthorn, a branch of small periwinkle and belladonna.
These plants are known as witch plants, and their uses are vast. However, these have one benefit in common: Protection 🌙

This is not the first tree of life that I have drawn, but it is definitely the one that I am most proud of. You probably know the importance of this symbol among the Celts, but also in the Bible or in Kabbalah. It is of course its meaning in the eyes of the Celtic peoples which inspired me here, whose tree of life bears the name Crann Bethadh. This tree forms a single whole, because its branches are connected to its roots in an infinite way, in the same way that the sky is linked to the earth and life is linked to death, in the natural cycle of things.

You will surely have noticed the symbol on the trunk of this tree. It is a Tribann, symbolizing balance and spiritual elevation as well as inspiration in the form of three luminous lines. Moreover, the numbers 2 and 3 are omnipresent in my illustration, because for me they are symbolic numbers for most of the precepts of life. They therefore had their place in my drawing of the tree of life, which links us to the universe.

Perhaps you know that my magical practice mainly revolves around plants and elementals. Green witchcraft has enlivened my life for many years, and my love of magical plants is undeniable. So, here is an illustration of my practice of green magic, which I am sure to share with many of you!

Harvesting and drying plants, constantly reading new works, creating macerates and herbal teas, guided by the influence of the sun and the moon...

Finally, I don't even have to present this illustration if you like Tolkien's Lord of the Rings! And yes, I am a fan of his universe...

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