The elementals

Some correspondences with the 4 elements:


  • It is the element that connects heaven and earth, it breathes purifying and inspiring force.
  • Here are the powers attributed to this element: Intellect, spirit, creativity, visions, psychic powers.
  • Air is the principle of Knowledge according to the laws of witchcraft. This is the phase of studying magic, which is not insignificant for effective practice.
  • Its colors are white, silver, gray, yellow, lavender, and pink.
  • In tarot, Air symbolizes Mate, Swords and Wands.
  • The magical people of Sylphs, Elves, and Fairies are governed by Air.
  • The air corresponds to spring, and logically the Sabbath of Ostara is under its influence.
  • The three astrological signs under the Air sign are Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.
  • The three planets under the influence of Air are Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus.
  • The practical tools symbolizing Air are the wand, the incense and the feather - According to the practices, the dagger (or athame) is attributed to Air and not the Wand (as for the Golden Dawn). However, when we look at the attributes of these two tools, Athame corresponds more to Mars because it is a weapon and therefore closer to the Fire element. As for the Wand, it is the badge of Mercury, winged messenger of the gods (just like the caduceus). He is also seen as the patron of travelers and under the sign of Air.
  • Here are some plants linked to the Air element: Lavender, pine, verbena, comfrey, mistletoe, mugwort, hazel, marjoram, elderberry, nutmeg, wormwood, thyme, borage, ivy, myrrh, meadowsweet, eyebright, marigold , fern, bergamot…
  • The three Runes symbolized by Air are Beorc (or Berkano): Rune of birth, idea of ​​creation, of novelty. Hagall (or Hagalaz): Rune of mystery, imagination, the irrational. And finally Thorn (or Thurisaz): Rune of protection, moderation and prudence.
  • Air is also linked to an Oghams, the alphabet of the Druids, which is here Onn, gorse: Shrub of summer and the sun. It nourishes, protects, and invites us to share our knowledge. Collection, fulfillment.


  • Water is in everything, it flows among the trees, falls from the sky to nourish the earth, erodes the highest mountains, and proves to be a formidable and vital force.
  • Water is linked to these intentions: dreams, emotions, purification, subconscious.
  • According to the 4 laws of witchcraft, Water represents the principle of Dare. Because he who dares nothing will neither learn from himself nor from others. And this principle fits very well with magical practice, you have to get started and try new things!
  • Its colors are all shades of blue through purple, as well as black, white, gray and turquoise.
  • In the tarot, Water symbolizes the Moon, the Hanged Man, as well as the Cups.
  • The practical tools linked to this element are logically the cup, the cauldron, as well as the use of shells or coral.
  • The magical peoples governed by Water are the mermaids, the undines as well as the norns (the Norns are, in Nordic mythology, three goddesses who watch over Yggdrasil the world tree, and who also have the power to unravel the destiny of any Man. They can be brought together in the Greco-Roman mythology of the Fates and the Fates.)
  • Water corresponds to autumn, and the sabbaths of Neptunalia (Roman festival in honor of the god Neptune) and Mabon are under its influence.
  • The three astrological signs under the sign of Water are Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.
  • The planets under the influence of Water are Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and the Moon.
  • Here are some plants linked to the Water element: Aconite, belladonna, lily, iris, aloe, vine, lotus, passionflower, chamomile, heather, lady's mantle, foxglove, geranium, daffodil, water lily, daisy, valerian, meadowsweet.
  • The Runes symbolized by Water are Feoh (or Fehu): Rune of abundance, of strength. Lagu (or Laguz): Vital energy, ascension. Rune of water and intuition. Peorth (or Perthro): Rune of destiny, divination and discovery. And finally Jera (or Ger): Rune of justice and evolution, change.
  • Water is also attached to two Oghams, Emancholl and Edhadh. Emancholl (or Eamhancholl), beech: confidence, patience, vitality, serenity. Beech acts on the fulfillment of wishes, brings joy, rebirth and develops self-confidence. Edhadh (or Eadha) the aspen: Protection, appeasement, healing. The aspen is used to communicate with the beyond among the Celts, and serves for protection against the occult.


  • Fire is linked to these intentions: Will, passion, energy, protection, strength, transformation.
  • According to the 4 laws of witchcraft, Fire represents the principle of will. Indeed, will is a sinequanone condition for evolving in our magical practices!
  • Its colors range from red to gold, they are warm colors.
  • In tarot, Fire represents judgment, swords as well as staves.
  • The practice tools linked to this element are the sword (or the wand, I talk a little more about it in the article on air), the censer and the candles.
  • The mythical creatures ruled by Fire are salamanders, dragons and phoenixes.
  • Fire corresponds to summer, and the sabbats of Beltane, Litha and Imbolc are under its influence. These are celebrations around the sun, linked to Fire.
  • The three astrological signs under the fire sign are Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius.
  • The planets under the influence of Fire are Jupiter, Mars and the Sun.
  • Here are some plants linked to the element of Fire: Basil, nettle, rue, thistle, fennel, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, chrysanthemum, pepper and angelica. Do you know that if we connect angelica to fire it is for a logical reason? If you're picking fresh angelica, be wary! It contains a substance which can cause photosensitive skin irritation (exposed to the sun) and creates burns.
  • The Runes symbolized by Fire are Dag, Ken, Rad and Sigel.
  • Fire is also linked to an ogham, Ur, heather. It is the plant of dreams and intuition, which helps to find the door to passion in our life.


  • The Earth is linked to these intentions: Health, prosperity, career, material concerns, growth and stability.
  • According to the 4 laws of witchcraft, the Earth represents the principle of remaining silent. Saying too much about one's magical practice is possibly opening the door to bad intentions towards us. You have to know how to keep some mystery!
  • Its colors are black, white, green and brown.
  • In tarot, Earth represents the pentacles (which are also synonymous with material goods, money and prosperity)
  • The practice tool associated with this element is the pentacle, but we can add salt, earth and possibly rocks.
  • The mythical creatures ruled by Earth are the Fairies, Elves, Dryads and particularly the Gnomes.
  • Earth corresponds to winter and the Yule Sabbath is under its influence. There is also a celebration that is involved. Do you know about wren hunting? It is a folk festival celebrated in particular in Ireland but also in France. The wren, symbol of this festival, is a small bird also called the king of winter, because it sings even in the middle of December...
  • The three astrological signs under the Earth sign are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.
  • The planets under the influence of Earth are Saturn and Venus (as well as our own planet)
  • Here are some plants linked to the element of Earth: Sage, mandrake, cereals, reed, jasmine, quinceleaf, honeysuckle, henbane, primrose, cinquefoil, patchouli, oak.
  • The Runes symbolized by Earth are Is, Tyr and Ur. Is: independence, solitude. Tyr: responsibility, strength, growth, will. Ur: wisdom, transition, teaching.
  • The Earth is also attached to an ogham, Ioho (or Idad), the yew. The yew is one of the 5 magical trees of ancient Ireland. It illustrates the cycle of life and death, and guides us through changes in our lives.

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