A little bit about myself (long version)

So yeaaah let me introduce myself to you,

I'm french, scorpio, winter child and 90′s kid.

I love old things so i made a lot of garage sale <3 i found a lot of paintings, objects, and old memories that i care a lot. I'm so much prouder when I find something special in a garage sale than a classic shop!

If you look on my instagram , you obviously see that nature is one of my center of interest, like funny things, illustration and mystic things. But do you know that i'm a big gamer, especially with all the Elder of Scrolls (Morrowind was my first) and old mythic video games like monkey island, the legend of kyrandia and hummm what the name… tentac… DAY OF TENTACLE hahaha so much fun <3

I particularly watch comedy, sci fi and thriller. And A LOT of horror movies. I also want to tell you all of my favorite shows but hey, IT WILL BE TAKE A LOT OF TIME. But i'm particularly into Trailer park boys, it's always sunny in philadelphia, The office, apartment 23, Rick and Morty, & the new Sabrina is absolutely amazing,

Would I say that I'm a big fan of Tolkien? Noooooo i don't have any tattoo fan of LOTR NOOOO absolutely not. :p Oh, and I never travel without a novel of Lovecraft (I WILL CATCH THEM ALL)

And the best for the end, I'm obviously very interesting by occult things. I read a lot of books about different visions & practices of magic around the world, and I have some favorite subjects. Catholic & sorcery history, Voodoo practices, High magic, Chaos Magick and symbology in general. And I'm a cryptozoology enthusiast!

In fact, I have a lot of different interests, not very common to associate, but hey! This is what makes my charm!

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